School’s out – almost

Heeey ♥ Hope you’re doing well!
The weather here has been sucking the last couple of days, rain, rain, rain … And back home there almost isn’t enough space on the crowded beaches because it’s nearly 30 degrees! Man.



So what have I been doing? Well, not much to be honest. The school year is coming to an end, which is also pretty clear when you look at the students and their work ethic. (Not that they reaaally work that hard normally … But still, one can feel the difference). Today is known as “Notenschluß” ( or something like that) which basically means that the teachers won’t grade you anymore, and there won’t be any pop quizzes until next year either. Basically this is the beginning of a month where we will be doing absolutely nothing productive,  just sitting in our chairs and watching movies (on the overheard projector, if we’re lucky) and waiting for the summer vacation to begin. You’re probably wondering why they even bother to come, when they aren’t taught anything,  and honestly I’ve been wondering the same thing … apparently it’s a law, or something. (And the teachers do try to teach us stuff, but nobody listens, cause it’s not like they are being graded on it anyway. That’s when the teachers give up and make us watch old documentaries about the second world war).

Other than that, I’ve been hanging around the neighbor kids a lot. Also, since it’s wm season, we have been doing a lot of “public viewing”in our living room.  Very cosy 😉


Anyway, nothing much going on as you can hear. Just hoping Germany wins the world cup, that’d be an awesome to experience. It’s so nice seeing all these German people being proud of their country. That’s one of the things i miss about home as well; that Danes are unbelievably proud to be Danish, and that makes me so happy. I think it’s sad that Germans can’t wave their flag around and sing at other events than the football games, without being judged as “nationalists”. But oh well. Can’t change the past 😉

Right, have a great weekend!  My sister is coming home from America tomorrow, hope everything goes well!
Love, Bianca ♥♥

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