School’s out – almost

Heeey ♥ Hope you’re doing well!
The weather here has been sucking the last couple of days, rain, rain, rain … And back home there almost isn’t enough space on the crowded beaches because it’s nearly 30 degrees! Man.



So what have I been doing? Well, not much to be honest. The school year is coming to an end, which is also pretty clear when you look at the students and their work ethic. (Not that they reaaally work that hard normally … But still, one can feel the difference). Today is known as “Notenschluß” ( or something like that) which basically means that the teachers won’t grade you anymore, and there won’t be any pop quizzes until next year either. Basically this is the beginning of a month where we will be doing absolutely nothing productive,  just sitting in our chairs and watching movies (on the overheard projector, if we’re lucky) and waiting for the summer vacation to begin. You’re probably wondering why they even bother to come, when they aren’t taught anything,  and honestly I’ve been wondering the same thing … apparently it’s a law, or something. (And the teachers do try to teach us stuff, but nobody listens, cause it’s not like they are being graded on it anyway. That’s when the teachers give up and make us watch old documentaries about the second world war).

Other than that, I’ve been hanging around the neighbor kids a lot. Also, since it’s wm season, we have been doing a lot of “public viewing”in our living room.  Very cosy 😉


Anyway, nothing much going on as you can hear. Just hoping Germany wins the world cup, that’d be an awesome to experience. It’s so nice seeing all these German people being proud of their country. That’s one of the things i miss about home as well; that Danes are unbelievably proud to be Danish, and that makes me so happy. I think it’s sad that Germans can’t wave their flag around and sing at other events than the football games, without being judged as “nationalists”. But oh well. Can’t change the past 😉

Right, have a great weekend!  My sister is coming home from America tomorrow, hope everything goes well!
Love, Bianca ♥♥

Wilder Kaiser

Hey guys!
Went hiking during the last vacation!  First time really hiking. We started the trip by hiking for about four hours to a hut in the mountains, had to bring our own food and stuff. There was no running water either because of the high placement. Very different than the city life, but an experience nonetheless. Hiked to a different hut the following day, and the last day we spent 7-8 hours hiking all the way down again. We ended the hiking trip with a couple of days of relaxation in a spa hotel + shopping in Primark in Innsbruck.

The view was beautiful,  but i gotta say i like the city better 😉





Exchange student meet up Munich

Hey guys! Went to Munich with other exchange people some time ago, but never got around to putting up the pictures!
We checked out the sights in the city, including the big Allianz Arena,  it was pretty cool and the people were really fun. Also went to schloss neuschwanstein!!! The hostel where we stayed was pretty … Disappointing,  let’s put it that way. Great trip though!

At the end of the trip, i met up with my host family in Gersthofen,  a koncert hall, where my classmates and host sister,  who are in the school orchestra, were performing for the “Klasse klassik” concert together with professional musicians from the BR Orchester. It was really beautiful!













Hey people!!
What’s up?
Currently dying in the heat down here, missing Danmark’s cool summer breezes terribly! It’s been super hot the last couple of days, followed by stormy weather (thunder and lightning) during the night. Luckily I have vacation at the moment, we’ll first be going back to school in a week and a half.

So I’m just soaking up as much sun as i can,  without getting burnt (which is a minimal amount, actually … ) and trying to stay hydrated and read stuff in German. Missing people who are not here with me … can’t wait to see you again! ♥

Love and kisses
Bianca ♥

I’m sorry, cat

Hey guys! Hope you are well!

So I haven’t updated for a while, I know, shame on me. Let me get you up to date!

First of all, the cat died. Yeah. It happened Friday afternoon, pretty sudden, gotta say. She’d been hit by a car or something, half of her body was lame, but she’d managed to drag herself nearly all the way home. My host sister found her at the fence of the garden. She was still living and thought she could walk and jump and stuff, but of course that’s hard to do when only two of your four legs work. They took her to the vet, but there wasn’t much that could be done. At least she died without pain, I guess. We buried her last night by the forget-me-not’s in the back yard. My host sister was pretty devastated and I felt quite bad, cause I hadn’t exactly treated the cat very nicely all the time. I mean, not that I was a cat-hater or anything. I just didn’t always pet her when she wanted to be petted, or I ignored her when she wanted to go outside. It took me back to the time my guinea pig died, or almost two years ago when I had to give up my dog.

The fact that the cat wasn’t there anymore made me realize that I could have been a bit nicer to that cat, and yes I’m gonna get all deep now. Often times we don’t treat people as nicely as we could. Sometimes I forget to think before I speak and stuff just pops out, or maybe I change the truth a little bit so it stands in my favor. Generally, you just first realize all the things you could have done, when the person isn’t there anymore.

I read this quote recently, German, it goes something like this in English: “You can’t do something great every day, but surely something good.”

And I really liked it, cause I do want to do something great someday, but sometimes it get’s so overwhelming, trying to do great things. And so you just give up, because you know it won’t be as great as you imagined it to be. But I have to remind myself that I shouldn’t give up. Doing something good every day is great in itself. It’s the little things that make the big difference. And we forget that a lot.

So I’m going to try and focus on doing little things too; those small things really show people how much you care.  A helping hand or a compliment is always nice, and a smile change someone’s day.

So stay happy and stay kind! Haha. Hope you all have a wonderful week (*sending dashing smile your way*).

Loads of love,

Bianca xxxxx

Eurovision weekend


Heeey hope you guys are well♥
Not much new here in Bavaria,  we’re talking about the Europe – election thing and drag queens named Wurst. As you probably know, Austria won the Eurovision Song contest 2014 in Copenhagen (so sad I wasn’t there, but very proud of my country), with Conchita Wurst and the song “Rise like a Phoenix”.
Opinions here are mixed, some people love the song and the person, some people think he/she overplayed it. I personally don’t have anything against Conchita,  but I think they only won because of the act, and what he/she stands for – and not so much because the song was great. I mean,  the song was good, but not very “Eurovision” … Oh well, congrats! Still laughing over the fact that the name “Wurst” was printed in all the newspapers Europe-wide Sunday morning. In German, wurst means “sausage”… My host sister finds it so ridiculous that he chose that as his artist name.
The phrase “Ist doch Wurst!” is pretty common down here (“it doesn’t matter”) and now i always have to smile a little bit when someone says it.



Anyway, this week my dad is turning 50 and I’m not even going to be there to celebrate him! 😦 Don’t worry, I will send your present as fast as I can! 🙂
Have a great week! ♥♥
Bianca xxxx

Wandertag 2.0

Heeey guuuys!
Every year the school is allowed two excursions, called Wandertag, where the classes “wander about”. Last time we went to Munich and visited a museum,  today we walked through the forest. (Sieben Tisch Wald)

It was cold and wet and raining, so it wasn’t much fun, but my classmates are all pretty entertaining so it was okay. The weather turned out to be good when we finally arrived at our goal (a lake called Ilsesee), and some brave people even went swimming in the lake. image



There wasn’t really a point to the whole day, would probably have made more sense for us to go to school,  but I’m glad we got to spend some quality time with each other. Besides, we have a physics exam next week and had a chemistry exam just yesterday,  so we deserve a long weekend.  And Eurovision is tomorrow!  Go Denmark!  I’m so proud of you! ♥♥


Went to Augsburger Puppenkiste this week with my host family to watch cabaret. I wasn’t very excited,  cause mostly cabaret is a sort of satirical play, commenting on what the politicians are doing, etc., so i was pretty sure that i wouldn’t understand a word they said.


It turned out to be not one long piece, as I’d thought it would be, but rather loads of small skits, which was actually pretry funny. Since the skits were performed by dolls on strings, they had small pauses in between acts so that they could change the dolls. During that time the theater would be pitch black and some guy would tell jokes over the loudspeakers. The jokes weren’t really that great, most of them were old and more importantly not funny. But the other people there seemed to enjoy it.


Anyway, the coolest part was that afterwards we were allowed to go behind the scenes and see how they set it all up, just like that scene in the sound of music where the kids and maria put on a little play for the baroness, uncle Max and their father.

Since i didn’t quite get most of the skits, it wasn’t as funny as it could have been, i guess. Oh well, it was an experience!
Have a great day! ♥
Bianca xx


Just gonna add this prettaaaay picture here, cause she hates when i put pictures up of her haha - host sisters best friend


Hey guys! Hope you’re having a great week!

Augsburg has a kind of Tivoli that opens when easter comes (Plärrer) – it’s kind of like a mini Oktoberfest.  That means loads of rides for kids and beer tents for adults. I went with my friends yesterday evening, it’s was fun. (Don’t worry,  today is a national holiday in Germany, so we don’t have school).


Beer is extremely expensive in there,  9 Euros per liter. (And i don’t think you can buy less than a liter either). But the atmosphere is great … People go a little crazy, but it’s great fun, haha.

A couple if exams are coming up in the next few weeks, not looking forward to it, but then again it also means that the school year is coming to an end, so I kind of want it to last longer. 97 days until I’m back in Denmark!  It sounds like so little for some reason.  But it’ll be good to see you all again! ♥

Anyway, have a great day!
Lovelovelove Bianca

Happy Easter!

Hey! Happy Easter!

Yesterday my host mom and I colored eggs and decorated the house! It was really fun, and for some reason we’ve never colored Easter eggs back home. My host family has been fasting as well, but since the fasting ended today, we decided to bake a really calorie-rich cake for today. It’s called a “Grillage Torte” and one of the ingredients is 1 liter cream. Yup yup. Delicious!

20140418_130829 20140418_152446

We attended the Easter service last night and this morning as well. It was very nice. In the beginning everyone was gathered outside the church, both catholic and evangelical, there was a fireplace, and the “head candle” was lit by the “holy flame”. Yeah. Then we followed the priest into the church. WE were lucky we even found a seat, there were so many people there. Everyone had candles, and the flame “started” by the priest and slowly spread out through the rows of the church.


After the two hour long ceremony, the priest blessed the baskets of food people had brought along. We don’t do that in Denmark, but it’s some sort of tradition here (or among the catholics) to bring the food for the following days’ Easter lunch and have it blessed by the priest.

Today we ate lunch together and then visited friends of my host familys for coffee. We ate some of the cream-cake, but honestly I’m feeling a little sick, 1 liter of cream is just a little too much.


I also had my host family watch The sound of Music. They weren’t particularly impressed, and found that it was too boring and not funny enough. Well sorry. Pff. They just don’t know something good when they see it. The sound of music is the best film ever. EVER. EVER!! It has everything: Humor, romance, history, nuns, beautiful landscape, great music, singing, drama, action, you name it, it’s got it. Only my youngest host sister appreciated the romance as much as I did.

Oh well. Anyway, hope you guys have a blessed Easter!

Loads of love,




Hellooooo peeeeople! How are you? Guess what? I have two weeks of easter vacation ahead of me!  What a wonderful time to be alive! 
Today my host sister and i went to ikea at 9 am with my host mom. My sister needs new … stuff.
We ate breakfast there as well… It’s surprisingly good, actually! And they had kanelsnegle! And köttbollar! I do miss Nordic food! 🙂




Breakfast ♥

Picked up some small bits myself, but of course nothing big, cause, you know, it’s gonna be hard transport back home to Denmark 😉


Candles and a sketchbook ♥


Also, some of the decorators thought they were funny,  i guess… Oh Leo ♥


Leo and his Oscars...

Now we are going to eat dinner, specially requested by me – köttbollar with mashed potatoes! I miss potatoes. And licorice. And the ocean. Oh♥

Haha, have a nice evening!
Love, Bianca

Sternsinger pt. 2 – In Augsburg


So this second part took place in Augsburg. As I mentioned in the previous post, we walk around in the streets and collect money – mostly ringing the doorbells of people who have signed up for it, actually. In every little group of sternsingers, there is a Star-bearer, a Caspar, Melchior and a Balthazar (The three wise men). There also has to be an adult, or “caretaker” with us, cause you know, we’re kids. In our case, my eldest host sister, Lisa, was our caretaker. I was the Star-bearer (“Sternträger”), Eva and our two neighbors were wise men.


Our little group – I was actually the star-bearer, although my neighbor is holding the star in this picture


Neighbor! 😀

So basically we walk from house to house, sing a couple of songs, quote a little poem about following the star to the little baby Jesus, collect money, and write a “blessing” over the door. (On the frame of the door.)

People normally keep this “blessing” the whole year, and it will first be washed away when the Sternsingers come the following year.

The blessing is normally “20*C+M+B*14” (The first and last numbers being the year, and the C-M-B are the first letters in the words: “God bless this house” in Latin). We also carry around frankincense, and walk around in peoples living rooms whilst singing. Loads of people love the smell of frankincense here, personally I hate it, gives me a headache, but hey, we were doing it for the kids!

Imagine seeing this as you drive by in your car ...

Imagine seeing this as you drive by in your car …

My neighbor and I - so cute! :D

My neighbor and I – so cute! 😀

We collected soooo much money, more than all the other groups together! But then again, we were collecting in a pretty rich neighborhood...

We collected soooo much money, more than all the other groups together! But then again, we were collecting in a pretty rich neighborhood…

It was pretty fun, seeing what German peoples’ homes look like from the inside. (It was pretty standard, gotta say, haha).

At least it was an interesting experience!

Love, love, love

Bianca xx

Eva :')

Eva :’)

56th Birthday!

Heeeeellooooo! 😀 Hope you’re all doing awesomely! This week we celebrated my host fathers’ 56th Birthday! We ate traditional Bavarian food (Weisswurst mit senf= white sausage with mustard), and sang a song for the birthday kid 😉 His gifts were tickets for the cabaret and a perfume. (And chocolates!)


Host sister and host dad


Weird round birthday cake, with room for a candle!


Host dad, cat, host mom, prezels and weisswurst + mustard 😀


Happy birthday-kid



Cat + me + host sister

Have a great week! – Bianca 😀


Pic 1: Eva doesn’t like it when i take selfies, haha  Pic 2: Wellness-chain: Me petting the cat, Eva braiding my hair